About Us

We started in the monogram business in 1989 and grew to five retail stores located in 5 major malls in North Carolina.

Along the way, we started designing and making monogramed items, for our stores, that clients could buy on the spot and take with them.

What we found was our items had a better sell-through than anything else we were buying wholesale.

We gradually closed all our stores, and today we offer retailers unique monogrammed items that sell very well.

We do all of our monogramming ourselves in Raleigh, North Carolina.

When you have special needs, we can create logos or resort name drops and local names of schools in your area.

In 2008 we learned that my wife has breast cancer. We developed some breast cancer gifts for friends and family to show their support as she went through this journey. We are happy to report as of this time she is doing well. We will keep a close watch on it from now on. Thank you for your prayers and support. A percentage of the proceeds goes to breast cancer research.


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